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As an animal lover, I didn't have to think twice about booking a session with Jennifer for a full animal totem reading. Having that time with Jennifer to connect with my animal totem opened up a new dimension of compassion and awareness, not only for my own journey but for that of our animal brothers and sisters. Plus, Jennifer's artwork brings the totem to another level and made me feel connected to nature and my surroundings in a new way. It was such an awesome experience, I can't help but tell everyone I know about it. Having a reading and giving a reading as a gift to a loved one is priceless. Jennifer's energy and intuition is right on.

Jessica Ardeal, Author, Speaker, Founder Inner Peace IS World Peace

Jennifer shares her insights and profound connection to spirit through the animal kingdom with such love, beauty and grace.  Not only does she take time to let your personal animal totem come to life, she then presents it in her incredibly artistic way.  My animal totem reading took me on a magical, intuitive journey into the deepest parts of myself.  I now utilize the insights that I received to call on the animal energies for balance, protection and guidance each day.  Thanks Jennifer!
Cheri Knuth - Unified Body Wellness Institute, Reiki Master Teacher 

​"I'll never forget Jennifer's words the first time I met her, many years ago. I had been referred to her by a mutual friend when I was looking to commission artwork for my business card. When I explained exactly what I wanted she said, "You should create it yourself". And I did! Since then I have seen Jennifer become a tireless advocate for artists, the arts, and the basic goodness of humanity. She is a loyal cheerleader and an energetic free spirit with a calling to help others through her many artistic and intuitive gifts. Her animal totem reading was spot on and illuminated a path for me. I recommend consulting this wise woman. "
Carrie Ure - Modern Mystic


Your animal totem is very much like an astrological birth chart, providing insight into the mystical foundation of your present lifetime. Developing a relationship with these animals deepens an understanding of the unique attributes and strengths that are helping you navigate your life's challenges.

Your totem is made up of nine animals, one for each direction: east, south, west, north, above, below, within, father sky, and mother earth. The specific placement of each animal in your totem is significant. Each totem reading incorporates the nine animals, nine directions, four elements, masculine and feminine energies, and seven chakras. Integrating each of these components helps me to see the themes and larger picture of your current lifetime.

Once the details of your totem are discovered, there is a practical way to bring these animal energies into your daily experience. I have developed a powerful practice to anchor each animal's energy, strengthening your connection to your highest self and purpose. Knowing our totems expands our understanding of ourselves. Quirks and personality traits that may seem like challenges or weaknesses are often our biggest strengths, leading directly to our service and life's purpose. Understanding leads to self-compassion that individually and collectively heals us. This is powerful work.


To begin, I will need your full birth name and birth date. It takes a significant amount of time to work-up an individual animal totem and all its correlating information. For this reason, I do this work privately before we meet or connect via phone. Once this work is complete I will contact you to set up a time to go over your totem. You will receive a folder containing your totem map and supportive material. I am very, very happy to explain the process in further detail. Please call me at 608-473-2813 or email me at to get started.

My animal guides and totem animals have assisted me on the difficult and miraculous journey that led me to this work. It is my calling and great honor to be a steward of animal medicine. Medicine may seem like a strange word to use, but it truly is. Animal medicine aligns me with my personal truths, strengths and beauty. The movements and timing animals use to hunt, mate, and play show me when to act and when to be patient, when to speak and when to listen. Animal medicine illuminates my path, leaving what no longer serves behind. This is healing. This is medicine.

The animal kingdom offers us access to our infinite, innate wisdom. I will forever be awed by its magic. I look forward to connecting you with the animal energies working on your behalf in this lifetime as you shapeshift into what you really are.

With an open heart,
Jennifer Doheny


Jennifer has amazing insight and wisdom...her animal totem readings are fascinating and really connected to my inner Truth and my life's path!!! She has also done totem readings for two of my kids, who loved them!! She made amazing connections without personally knowing my kids at all... profound work here.

Pam Miller  - mindfulness  and yoga instructor

Jennifer is not only a very talented artist but also has an amazing ability to connect with nature.  She has the unique skill to call in the most appropriate information to aid someone on their life path journey.  Jennifer intuits one's animal influences  (The Animal Anchor Project) and is remarkably accurate in reading this energy and its importance.  I found this experience both fascinating and illuminating.  It is something to both inform my life path and to consider deeply as I move forward.  I highly recommend this unique therapy, completely designed and developed by Jennifer.  Your personal animal totem opens an entirely different perspective of observing individual energetic influences.  Certainly, this unique wisdom allows clearer guidance toward a more spiritually informed path.

Sarah Schroeder - Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and Japanese  Interpreter

It is said, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears."  This is exactly how I felt during my Animal Totem Reading with Jennifer. Upon walking into her office space, I immediately felt the magic she created with her art, intuition and spirit work.  It's as if my totems were ready for me.  Found by Jennifer and ready to be claimed. Some of the animals she described to me were of no surprise, I had tattoos of them- which she had never seen!  Others, were ones I hadn't thought of, but upon hearing of their presence, I began to recognize them within my life.  She taught me a meditation during the session to tap into their energy.  That same week I had an important board meeting.  And because of her, I had my beautiful Black Panther at my side, grounding me and giving me the bravery I needed to get through it powerfully and gracefully. I highly recommend working with Jennifer to discover the help we all have in a realm that is not always well known.

Amanda Goers - Natural Food Industry Executive

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· 90 minute phone or live session

· Animal totem map

· Mini totem map

· Chakra and element chart

· Recommended anchors

· Greeting cards

· Folder for archiving

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